Metamorphic Ventures Internship

Unfortunately I haven’t written on here in a while, but it’s all good, I plan on writing here everyday now that I have started a new internship. I left my last one at The Trout Group because as much as I love biotech, technology companies are what I find the coolest!

To shed some light on what Metamorphic Ventures does I will provide their description from their website: “Metamorphic Ventures is a New York City based venture capital fund that invests in start-up and early stage technology businesses focused on the digital media and digital commerce sectors.” Generally, Metamorphic makes seed investments as well as Series A and Series B.

So now that I have begun my first week at Metamorphic I will be keep track of everything I do as an intern there. I should start by saying that my ultimate goal is to get a job. I’m 23 and I can’t be bouncing around from internship to internship. Ideally I would like to work with some of Metamorphic’s portfolio companies and try to secure a job that way. I think it would be fun to work at a startup and really see how a business grows. I’d love have my own startup one day.

My first couple days were great. I already met with a couple companies. One of the companies I met with was not a portfolio company, but would like to be.  The company we met with, Wantworthy is the maker of Fresh. Metamorphic’s jr. analyst and myself met with a co-Founder of Fresh who explained to us his business.  It is essentially an app for online shopping.  From their app you can visit multiple clothing brands all in one place. What they call this app is the “mall app” because you can shop for all your favorite clothing brands in one place. The app is very cool looking and easy to use.  They explained how they are raising 500k and have secured most of it, but would like Metamorphic to invest because they believe they can leverage Metamorphic’s expertise as a strategic investor. They are only making 4k a year and have a burn rate of 40k. However, they do already have 80 thousand signups.

After our meeting, Josh, the jr. analyst I was with, told me that he wasn’t the biggest fan of the company. He explained that he just new it wasn’t something that the partners of the firm would be interested in looking at. I guess that’s how the business goes.

Metamorphic has already moved on to their second fund. Their first fund was about $25mm. They are aiming to raise $50mm for their second fund and they are about 80% of the way there. 

Hopefully tomorrow I have a super productive day so I can come here again and write more about what I’ve done and learned! There may be some spelling errors in this post..long day at the office!

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Roger Federer’s Head Is About To Get Even Bigger


Roger Federer is getting old (almost 32), which isn’t really old at all. But in tennis, he’s considered an old man playing with a bunch of kids. Although he won his 17th career grand slam Wimbledon only a year ago, word on the street is that his career will be over very soon. But again, he just won Wimbledon a year ago so I think he’s still got some game left to make a few good runs. But I do agree that he is on the decline. Even more importantly, I think Federer feels the same way. After being ousted in the second round of Wimbledon this year by a guy who wasn’t even ranked inside the top 100 (ouch!), Federer has decided to keep up with the times. Drum roll…he is moving up in racket size to a 98inch head.

This is a big move for Federer and quite the risky one too. He’s spent his entire career with a 90inch head sized racket, and any tennis player knows it’s hard to change from something that has worked so well over the years. By trying out new rackets, you run the risk of throwing your game off because you’re dealing with rackets that have different weights, swing weights, head sizes, string pattern, etc. For a real tennis player, switching to a new racket isn’t as easy as picking it up, hitting a few balls with it and saying, “Yup, I want this one.” Instead, it takes time to adjust to how each racket plays and whether it is the right one, and this is troublesome for a player who is nearing the end of his career and feels the need to change something fast. Federer can always go back to his old racket, that’s true. But even that will take some readjustment time. Furthermore, when you start messing around with different rackets, you lose your rhythm. Possibly the most important aspect of tennis is making sure you can keep your rhythm. Once you jeopardize your rhythm, you jeopardize you’re entire game. So when it comes to tennis rackets, this is why players stick to the old adage, “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.”

Here is a quote from the man himself, provided by FedererFan07, “So far, I’m happy with this change. But I need many hours on the court to see if this is a good decision. I haven’t yet taken the decision on whether to use it in the US (he begins his pre-US Open campaign in a fortnight at the Montreal Masters). I still need to think it over.”

He added, “There are players who have experienced problems when they changed racquets, Fernando Verdasco and to some extent Novak Djokovic.”

Federer’s motive to change rackets: Tennis racket technology has evolved over the past ten years (and it will keep evolving). Rackets are more advanced now and have bigger head sizes, which allow players to hit with greater power and greater rotation on the ball (spin). With Federer’s current frame, the sweet spot is much smaller than his peers, meaning he has a very large margin for error each time he strikes the ball. He has witnessed how the game has changed over the past ten years due to improved frames; more baseline rallies with groundbreaking topspin forehands. So now he’s decided to keep up with the times. The result so far? He’s already lost to another person outside of the top 100. While the future doesn’t look bright for him now, I believe he will adapt to his new frame in time for the U.S. Open.  So contrary to what many believe, his fight is not over.

To quote one of my favorite manga characters, “The victor is the one who looks to the future. The real battle is about to begin.” And so the same can be said for Federer, the real test is if he can stand toe-to-toe at the age of 32 with the likes of Djokovic, Nadal, and Murray on the tennis world’s biggest stage in August. My opinion? Yes, he can. By changing rackets he is now taking the necessary steps to prepare himself for his next major battle at the U.S. Open. He’s not the kind to fold so easily.

Here is a video of Federer training with his new racket:

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Ads, Apps, and Phones! Oh, My!

Ads are everywhere today. You can’t walk through a street in NYC without seeing a dozen ads all at once. Not only have ads permeated our streets, they have made their way all over the internet. The question remains though, who actually likes ads? Well, I guess the answer would be the people making money off of them. But seriously, I think it is safe to say that the majority of us would be happy if we never saw another ad on Youtube again. Ah yes, I miss the days when I could serf through Youtube seamlessly and not have to worry about a 30 second advertisement before I watch my favorite music video. Unfortunately, ads are here to stay, but an interesting blog on PandoDaily explains how things may just get better for us!

So here is a fun fact that I picked up from their blog: 90% of applications in the App Store are free! PandoDaily’s Nathanial Mott explains that “an increasing number of applications are being given away for free and subsidized by advertisements, in-app purchases…” This clearly means more ads on our apps and phones.

Mott tells that smartphone users spend around two hours using their apps each day (!), and so if we are going to have more ads in our life, then perhaps they should become just a little more pleasant for us.

I completely agree, ads should suck less. And here this idea dawned on me..if people are spending hours each day on their smartphones, then perhaps ads can be useful for us. Let me explain. Kiip, a mobile ads network/rewards platform, is creating an advertisement service that rewards an app user for accomplishing varying objectives in a game or for accomplishing all his/her to-do list. Well, I’d like to take this to another level. People are on their phones all day, every day. So why not throw in an advertisement every time someone opens their phone. For instance, when an Iphone user slides the arrow across the screen to unlock his/her Iphone, why not have a 2 second ad pop up. Of course this should be completely optional because I could understand that some people might be staunchly against that. But for those who do decide to go through with this program, they will be rewarded after viewing a certain amount of advertisements.

My advertisement Idea could play out like this – Every time an Iphone user unlocks his/her phone, a Starbucks advertisement is shown for about two seconds. The user then receives one rewards point for watching the Starbucks ad. After 500 points (arbitrary number), the user receives a $5 coupon at any Starbucks. Everyone loves free stuff and discounts, so this would be a win-win situation. This rewards program gives mobile marketers easier access to the users and consumers, and the users/consumers get a pretty cool reward if you ask me. This sounds like good business to me, but I’d be curious as to what others think of this idea. Maybe this idea is a star to something, who knows!

Here is the link to PandoDaily –

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About My Blog

Hello All!

Today I am starting my first ever blog. This blog will cover some of my interests and passions in life. The topics I will blog mostly about are tennis, manga, Greek history, movies, and biotech/tech companies that I find interesting and awesome.

So first up is some basic info!

My all time favorite tennis player is Marat Safin. He is simply a legend. For said reasons, he is also the person I chose as the background for my blog page.

My favorite manga is One Piece – I believe this is the greatest epic ever written since Homer wrote the Odyssey and Iliad (quite the claim, I know). I wish more people would give this story a read!

I was a Classics major in college and so I love Greek & Roman mythology and history. All of it fascinates me.

I am also a big movie-goer! I recently saw Pacific Rim and I have to say it was awesome. If you like action movies then definitely give this a go. Watching these monsters and robots fight is like watching two heavy weights in the ring go at it.

I currently intern at the premier investor relations firm, The Trout Group where we have over 70 clients in the biotech field,  and so I happen to know a little bit about what’s going on in biotech.

Lastly – I am beginning my journey into the tech startup world by taking up computer science. I first hope to become comfortable with javascript before I move on to the heavier stuff.

So why am I starting this journey in the first place? Well, first off, I just find computer science intriguing on its own because the more I learn about it, the more I regret not learning it in college. My eyes are being opened to more and more exciting technologies that are sprouting up all around us. For instance, I have a friend from UNC-Chapel Hill who is starting a new social network site called Bevii (learn more about it here: My buddy’s ability to come up with a new idea and then act on it is what has inspired me to learn programming. More simply put, I wish I could think up a new service or social network idea, and then have the ability to make it a reality. For now though, I’ll just start with taking baby steps.

So this concludes my first blog ever! I hope that I have covered some topics that others are passionate about, and I hope to connect with fellow bloggers who share the same interests that I do.

Until next time,


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